A unified communications strategy connecting you to all your stakeholders

  • Automates the delivery of high-volume outbound notifications or alerts in any channel the recipient prefers — SMS, voice, email or fax
  • Speeds cycle times, improves customer service, and strengthens revenue flow

Whether you're using short message service (SMS), voice, email, or fax to send your alerts and outbound messages, your customers, partners, and other stakeholders expect to be instantly notified in the format they prefer most — and that they will most likely respond to.

The flexibility in how you send notifications and alerts to your stakeholders is not optional - it's mandatory for your business success, revenue flow, and profitability.

Many companies today, however, are forced to manually switch between multiple stand-alone messaging systems in order to reach everyone.  This can create costly revenue delays, impairs customer service, and negatively impacts the bottom line.

The answer? A "single source" multi-modal cloud messaging solution from EasyLink that enables customers, partners, and other constituents to receive notifications or alerts in any format they want. And lets you manage a unified communications strategy on a single automated, cloud-based platform.

Whether you call them reminders, alerts, notifications, messaging, voice blasts, voice broadcasting, SMS, text messages, or interactive voice response systems, EasyLink can assist in providing best-in-class cloud-based proactive and automated customer service communications.

A few application examples include:

  • Banking Notifications
    — Overdraft
    — Fraud Prevention
    — Credit Card Activation
    — Transaction Completion
  • Financial Institutions
    — Proxy Solicitations
  • Utility Services / Business Continuity
    — Outage and Restoration Notifications
    — Proactive Service Alerts
    — Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation
    — User Advisory Alerts
    — Updates to First Responders
  • Pharmacy Notifications
    — Prescription Ready / Refill
  • Medical Notifications
    — Appointment Confirmations
    — Medication Reminders
  • Accounts Receivable Management
    — Payment Notifications
    — Billing / Invoice Notifications
    — Late Payment Reminders
  • Alerts
    — School Closings / Delayed Openings
    — Delayed or Cancelled Flights
    — Weather
  • Travel Notifications
    — Booking Changes / Confirmations
    — Delayed or Cancelled Flights
  • Corporate Communications
    — Updates / Notices
    — Executive Communications
    — Employee Schedule Changes
  • Logistics
    — Delivery Time Notifications
  • Surveys
    — Research
  • Business to Consumer
    — Invoice Reminders
    — Order Status
    — Product or Service Updates
  • Political
    — Campaign Support
  • Order Processing
    — Order Status
    — Shipping Status
  • CRM Management
    — Proactive Notifications
    — Call Center Control of Calls
    — Manage Transfers
    — Inbound Call Routing
    — Inbound Automated Customer Resolution
  • Member Activation
    — Welcome Calls
    — Start-up Instructions
    — Address Changes
    — Confirmations
  • Collections
    — Late Payment Reminders
    —Third-Party Collections
    — Account Resolution
  • Member Retention
    — Renewal Reminders
    — Proactive Notifications
    — Subscription Renewal
    — Exclusive Member Only Offers
  • Customer Care
    — Personalized Branded Marketing Messages
    — Product Promotions
    — Test Marketing Messages
    — Service Announcements
    — Product Recalls
  • Service Reminders
    — Day before Reminders
    — Day of Reminders

And since it's cloud-based, EasyLink Notifications eliminates the IT infrastructure costs, administrative or customer service delays, and human errors associated with having to manage and use multiple in-house messaging systems.


A single and simple unified communications platform for maximum efficiency, economy and business impact

  • Easy-to-use — lets you manage your notifications from any browser, or you can use our API to integrate directly into your back-end systems
  • Profitable — helps you improve your revenue streams and profitability

Are you...

Wasting time and money using multiple notifications systems to try to reach everyone in your universe?

Switching between these systems manually, creating even more errors and delays?

Ultimately unable to reach all of your global constituents - which means lost opportunities for revenue and market share?


EasyLink's “single-source” multi-modal messaging solution supports a unified communications strategy that connects you with your customers, partners, and other constituents.  You'll streamline your messaging with an easy-to-use, automated solution that improves productivity and efficiency while controlling costs.

Competitive advantage. EasyLink gives your customers, partners, vendors, and employees proactive notifications or alerts in the format they prefer.  The right message, in the right format, makes all the difference in the world in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost efficiency. You'll accomplish more, faster, and at a fraction of the cost of multiple in-house messaging systems. With EasyLink’s cloud-based solution, you'll eliminate infrastructure, reduce staffing, and eliminate maintenance, upgrades, and other recurring IT expenses. Our transaction-based fees are consistent and predictable. You can ramp up as fast or slow as you’d like, knowing you’ll pay only for the notifications sent.

Multi-channel flexibility. Our convenient web portal makes it easy to manage your notifications from any browser. You can send different messages to different groups based on their requirements and the nature of your communication. Simply select the mode best suited for your audience and message. Schedule your messages at planned intervals or send them ad-hoc. Or, use our API to programmatically integrate notification communications directly into your back-end systems.

  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) integrates with your database systems and enables you to administer interactive messaging solutions. You'll improve customer service by enabling recipients to reply to your calls and then route those responses to the appropriate customer support teams within your company.

Compliance. EasyLink assists you in complying with privacy and records-keeping mandates of the 21st century. We turn multi-modal messaging into a digital workflow that can be tracked, audited, and archived.


Supports a wide range of notifications

You can leverage EasyLink to optimize the success of virtually any type of notification program, such as:

  • Accounts receivable management (payment notifications, billing/invoice notifications, collections)
  • Banking notifications (overdraft notifications, fraud notifications)
  • Travel notifications (booking changes/confirmations, delayed or cancelled flights)
  • Corporate communications (analyst notes, executive communications)
  • Logistics (delivery notifications, delayed delivery, return parts, status notices)
  • Surveys (satisfaction, research, clinical trials)
  • Service and appointment reminders (day before reminders, day of reminders)
  • Pharmacy notifications (prescription ready, prescription refill)
  • Political (seasonal)