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Transforming your business relationships into competitive advantage.

EasyLink is a leading global provider of cloud messaging and business integration services that help companies optimize relationships with their partners, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Our 100% outsourced one-stop shopping solution spans both on-demand business messaging, with cloud fax, and EDI/B2B services and supply chain solutions, creating attractive economies of scale with unparalleled quality and a single point of accountability:

Business Integration and EDI Services

Optimizing the reliability, reach, and cost efficiency of your electronic B2B supply chain. We plug the communication gaps that others cannot, with EDI services that are faster than traditional VANS.

Cloud Fax Solutions

Reducing your fax costs by up to 70%.  Automate workflows, speed communications, and facilitate compliance with security and records-keeping mandates.  Cloud faxing has never been easier or more affordable.

Managed File Transfer Services

Empowering you to share and manage vital high-volume data exchanges – the heart of your business information – safely and cost-efficiently. Our hosted file transfer will help you turn unmanaged communications into managed ones.

Notifications Services

Supporting a unified, multi-modal communications strategy that lets you reach your customers and stakeholders with notification services in the format they will most likely respond to, whether it's SMS, voice, e-mail, or fax.

Secure Messaging Services

Creating a 100% secure e-mail platform that keeps your business safe. Automate the creation and delivery of secure outbound communications that you and your stakeholders can count on.


Where does your business want to go?

EasyLink can help you get there.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Optimize your B2B Supply Chain and your business integration.

If you're like thousands of companies, your EDI-based B2B supply chain is the most important messaging infrastructure you have. But if you aren't careful, it can quickly become outdated, creating communications gaps - and cost overuns - that can transform your B2B supply chain from an asset to a liability.

Are you outgrowing your current EDI capabilities? Unable to bring your small non-EDI partners into the EDI world? Struggling with gaps between disparate systems, data formats, and communication protocols that prevent you from trading with the vendors you want?

The answer is EasyLink.  Our broad portfolio of 100% outsourced business integration solutions - such as EDI - can take you wherever your business relationships need to go:

  • Optimizes the efficiency, reliability, and reach of your electronic B2B supply chain while reducing its costs, infrastructure, and overhead.
  • Opens a world of opportunity to strengthen your existing business relationships and add new partners and vendors at will.

EDI Managed Services - Outsourced EDI services to fit your budget

EDI VAN - World-class EDI transaction engine

Web EDI - Lets EDI companies transact with non-EDI partners

EDI Service Bureau - Bridges gaps between retail hubs and non-EDI suppliers.

Cloud Fax

Outsource to EasyLink and reduce your fax costs by up to 70%

For many organizations, fax is still an important means of conducting business with customers, partners and vendors.

But if you’re still using conventional fax servers and fax machines, you’re spending unnecessary dollars and putting unnecessary constraints on your IT team, detracting them from managing your critical business infrastructure because they’re too busy managing fax.

Why continue to spend time and money on outdated fax server infrastructure, maintenance, and support when you can outsource the entire function to EasyLink's cloud fax services?  You'll reduce your fax costs by up to 70%, improve productivity, and reallocate your IT resources to more strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.


  • Desktop Messaging or Fax2Mail - Allows users to send and receive faxes within their existing e-mail clients, seamlessly, with no hardware or software required.
  • Production Messaging - Automates the distribution of high-volume outbound messages to customers and other stakeholders, delivered as fax, e-mail, secure e-mail, or EDI.
  • Document Capture and Management - Automates the processing of your inbound faxes and e-mail forms (e.g. incoming customer forms), converting the information into electronic data such as XML or EDI for immediate import into your business systems.
  • Workflow Services - Lets you effortlessly manage the workflow of inbound business documents with queue management, business rules management, routing, assignment, field validation, and more.

Managed File Transfer

Speed information-sharing, reduce costs, and optimize security.

The amount of data being transferred between companies in today's global economy is growing at exponentially, with no end in sight. As your business relationships continue to expand digitally, you're sharing vital information between your business units - and externally with your partners and vendors - on an increasingly massive scale.

Unfortunately, if you don't have a corporate-wide strategy for managing these high-volume transfers, you're probably using costly, homegrown connections that cannot be managed and threaten the enterprise with security breaches.  Many in your workforce may be relying on unmanaged e-mail-based methods for moving their critical business information.

EasyLink's outsourced Managed File Transfer (MFT) service helps companies manage their high-volume data exchanges swiftly and securely.  You can consolidate all of your company's communications streams through a single secure connection to our global MFT service, where your business messaging can be managed and audited.

EasyLink delivers speed, efficiency, and security customized to your workflows and communications needs.  Because your business deserves nothing less.

Notifications Services

Communicate with your stakeholders in the modality they want - the one they will most likely respond to.

In today's digitized world, your customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders expect to be instantly notified in the format they prefer most.  Whether it's short message service (SMS) voice, e-mail, or fax, you need to reach your stakeholders in the modality they desire - the one they will most likely respond to.  Real-time notifications services are not optional - it's mandatory for your business success, revenue, and profitablity.  Because the right message, in the right format, makes all the difference in the world:

  • Enhances customer experience and customer service
  • Drives incremental revenue
  • Improves employee productivity

EasyLink Notifications Service offers a "single source" multi-modal messaging solution that integrates seamlessly with your back-end business systems. A solution that enables customers, partners, employees, and other constituents to receive notifications in any format they want. And lets you manage a unified communications strategy on a single automated, cloud-based platform that eliminates the IT infrastructure costs, customer service delays, and human errors associated with having to manage and use multiple messaging systems.

Whether you're sending account updates, fraud alerts, invoice reminders, confirmations, or other notifications - the answer is EasyLink.

Secure Messaging

Automate the delivery of secure outbound messages and enjoy true peace-of-mind.

Every unsecure message you send may put your business at risk.

From credit card confidentality requirements to healthcare privacy mandates, businesses and organizations need to communicate in compliance with a wide range of security and record-keeping standards. Enterprises that cannot keep pace are putting their customer relationships, business partnerships, and reputations at risk.

Unfortunately, many organizations still experience technology gaps with their customers and partners that increase the likelihood of unauthorized access to confidential information. These gaps include the use of fax machines and unsecure e-mails that can create windows of risk, exposing transactions to potential non-compliance or malicious activity.

The safe choice is EasyLink.  Our Secure Messaging is a fully outsourced secure messaging solution that integrates directly with your existing business processes, strengthens compliance with industry-mandated and government security standards, and makes it easy to transition to a 100% secure e-mail platform.