A cloud-based solution for all your high-volume business messaging and communications

  • Lets you manage large file transfers with speed, efficiency, and security
  • Consolidates all of your communications streams into a single, cost-efficient messaging service
  • Provides single integrated audit trail for compliance with privacy and records-keeping mandates

In today's digital landscape, the amount of electronic data and files that your organization exchanges within your own business units - and externally with your partners and vendors - continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, if you do not have an integrated corporate strategy for managing these large file transfers, you may be facing a dangerous communications dilemma.  Individual departments may be creating their own costly FTP connections that cannot be managed and threaten the enterprise with security breaches.  Even worse, your workforce may be relying on email or other ad-hoc ways of moving critical business information.  And you may have limited or no visibility into the success, failure, or results of any single file transfer.  The risk of non-compliance in this unmanaged environment — and its potential impact on your business operations — is simply too high.

Which is why companies turn to cloud-based managed file transfer from EasyLink.

EasyLink's Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a 100% outsourced, cloud-based messaging service that allows organizations to manage large file transfers or high-volume data exchanges safely and securely. You can consolidate all of your company’s communications through a single secure connection to our Managed File Transfer service, where your messaging is managed and audited. EasyLink eliminates complexity, reduces costs, optimizes security, and offloads the entire file transfer challenge from your IT staff.

Everything you need to succeed.

  • Lets you to establish a single, secure connection into the EasyLink Business Integration Network, where EasyLink manages all of the connectivity, file movement, network protocol management, security and intrusion detection for you
  • Supports "any to any" connectivity with all of your partners and vendors — we'll work with your stakeholders to ensure seamless connectivity across multiple protocols and security certificates
  • Delivers all of the benefits of MFT at a lower cost than premise-based solutions — you'll eliminate IT infrastructure, reduce staffing, and do away with maintenance, upgrades, and other recurring IT expenses
  • Provides a single integrated audit trail for compliance with today's privacy, security, governance, and records-keeping mandates
  • Backed by 24x7 global customer service

Centralized control over your large-volume data transfers

  • Centralized — all data transfers are managed, tracked, and audited in a single cloud-based solution
  • Cost-efficient — eliminates costs associated with in-house infrastructure, maintenance, and IT support
  • Easy — connects you and your stakeholders with global communications that are fast, easy, and hassle-free

Are you...

Still letting individual departments within your organization send their own unsecure, unaudited file transfers?

Struggling to manage the complexity of connectivity issues with all of your different partners and vendors?

Worried about governance and controls as your data transfers continue to grow?


EasyLink's Managed File Transfer increases your visibility into and control over today's large volume data transfers, improving compliance, enhancing governance, and lowering the costs of exchanging business content with partners and other stakeholders.

Partner connectivity.  EasyLink configures, tests, validates all connections to your partners as part of our MFT service. No more costs and hassles setting up partner and vendor connectivity — EasyLink does it for you and your partners won't even know we're there.  They can continue to push or pull data from using FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, AS2, HTTP, or other formats — all under EasyLink's secure MFT umbrella.

Centralized control.  Your applications, systems, users and partners can leverage a host of protocols to move files into and out of the Managed File Transfer service.  You can monitor all of this from a centralized website that give you complete audit trails, tracking of documents, exception notifications, alerting, and alarming.  Using our web-based MFT dashboard, you can view reports, review traffic flows, and schedule file movement.  You can also request new connections, create folders, specifically designed for different business functions, and manage one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one relationships.


EasyLink Managed File Transfer features include:

  • Complete view of transactions and file movements using a centralized Software as a Service (SaaS) web application
  • Support for all modern communication protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTP/S, AS2 and more
  • High levels of security integration that include SSL, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and PGP Certificates
  • Automated alerts and alarms
  • Transfer of any type of document – large or small