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Enabling High-Reliablity Faxing for your Custom Application

If you need to add fax functionality to the back-end of a custom application, leverage our proven, world-class Business Integration Network for data transport designed to ensure optimal transmission reliability and higher success rates than conventional faxing.

It’s what makes EasyLink’s Web Services SendFax API the obvious choice for enabling applications in which fax delivery is mission-critical. What’s more, it’s designed to ensure easy integration with any system, solution or application.

The EasyLink SendFax Web Service is built with open standards for seamless integration with custom applications. Typical uses include transmission of:

  • Client Statements
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Notices
  • Trade Confirmations

webservices api

Based on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) specification, the SendFax Web Service uses standardized XML messaging for ease of integration regardless of your platform. Communications between applications occurs over HTTP-S. The fully-documented API is currently available in Java, .NET and PHP.