Why Banks are Embracing Cloud-based Solutions…or Should Be

In today’s global financial market, banks are reassessing their operations, and looking for opportunities to cut costs, increase efficiencies and meet ever-changing compliance standards. While once slow to adopt cloud-based technology solutions, financial institutions now recognize cloud applications as a secure, viable option to keep pace with rapidly changing business conditions and regulatory mandates.

Still, not all cloud providers are created equal and it is good to keep in mind some things when selecting and contracting with a cloud services provider:

  • Pre-contract validation: Determining that the provider’s SLA is sufficient to meet your required transaction volume and uptime, and considering the provider’s maturity in the marketplace
  • Contract validation: Making sure the SLA is being met, and all security and audit features are operational
  • Post-contract validation: Confirming data erasure, security, and return

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Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Healthcare Notifications from OpenText

How important is healthcare IT?  Important enough that former U.S. president Bill Clinton agreed to deliver the keynote address at HIMSS, a premier annual healthcare IT event that attracted technology leaders from around the world in early March.

Healthcare needs IT solutions not only to protect patient privacy, but also to protect itself against heavy fines for data breach levied by industry regulations like HIPAA.

We can improve patient care in the healthcare industry while simultaneously addressing the many security and compliance concerns that exist in today’s highly regulated market. There are several application possibilities with notifications and production messaging as tools to securely exchange important information, including medical records.

At the HIMSS event, we had the chance to talk with CIOs and other IT professionals looking for ways to streamline healthcare business processes in an effort to better serve customers—patients, payers, providers, and suppliers alike.

OpenText offers a bevy of solutions that address healthcare-specific challenges including the secure delivery of protected health information and the timely receipt of prescriptions.

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Late Fax Sacks Star NFL Player

Fax is not often at the center of a National Football League story. But recently a three-time Pro Bowl football player, Elvis Dumervil, was cut by the Denver Broncos because of a late fax.

Elvis Dumervil’s agent had reached a verbal agreement with the Broncos at 1:25 p.m. to reduce Dumervil’s contract from $12 to $8 million in order to keep him on the team. He then had until 2:00 p.m. to fax the Broncos the appropriate paperwork, but the Broncos still had not received anything by that deadline. This forced them to cut Dumervil because otherwise they would have been obligated to pay him the original $12 million. The Broncos ended up receiving the paperwork from Dumervil’s agent with a 2:06 p.m. time stamp, but it was too late.

It is impossible to know exactly what went wrong in this situation, but it is not difficult to imagine paper jams, low toner, or a malfunctioning fax machine causing a delay. It does not, however, have to be this way. If timely document transmission is critical to your business, then it is time to take the antiquated fax machine out of the equation.

OpenText and EasyLink help the largest firms in the world improve the efficiency of fax processes tied to billions of dollars of transactions every year.

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SecureiX in the Spotlight at EIM Days

With OpenText EIM Days already reporting successful events in major cities around the world, we thought we would share an overview of the show and invite you to register for the upcoming EIM Days events in New York, NY April 3, and London, April 16-17.

EIM Days is an extension of OpenText’s annual global event, Enterprise World. EIM Days is designed to give OpenText customers a way to come meet with OpenText product experts and talk about how to maximize the value of their content management investments.

One of the highlights of this year’s events is the unveiling of OpenText’s groundbreaking secure cloud-based information exchange service, SecureiX.

SecureiX is a unique solution that allows users to securely share information within a two-way communication stream, putting OpenText ahead of the competition in this fast-growing market.

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SecureiX in the Press

We are so close to our own products that is is always refreshing to hear (or read) an outsider’s opinion.  We are happy to see (and read) that SecureiX has been noticed by our partners and customers around the world, but also by industry watchdogs like Ray Horak, technology editor for Telecom Reseller.

In a recent article, Horak explained SecureiX as follows:

“OpenText SecureiX establishes a secure, two-way communication stream unlike any other application on the market. It is as easy to use as email, yet helps provide the security and audit trail that today’s corporations need to satisfy compliance requirements.”

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To read the full article by Ray Horak, click here.

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SecureiX: File Transfer at the Speed of Trust

SecureiX, our new bi-directional collaborative secure messaging and file transfer solution was launched recently.  SecureiX complements our leading fax solutions and is a significant advancement on the RightFax SecureDocs offering.

SecureiX is a new platform where users can send and receive files and messages securely.  It will soon have back-end application integrations for production messaging, as well as integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Some potential uses for SecureiX:

  • SecureiX provides an easy way to send and receive this confidential information securely in the financial industry, for such things as mortgage loan applications
  • Human Resource departments can use SecureiX to securely collect confidential data from new hires, such as social security number and bank account information
  • Businesses that place mission-critical orders with suppliers can use SecureiX to help track delivery receipt of important purchase orders, like support renewals
  • Eliminate large file bounce-backs to ensure all files sent from Outlook are received

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Introducing OpenText SecureiX!

On March 12, 2013, OpenText announced the availability of SecureiX: a new, complementary technology to our leading fax solutions (EasyLink and RightFax) and the start of the evolution of our SecureDocs solution.

SecureiX provides all business, no matter the size or industry, with a secure method of transferring messages and files — even large files — to and from anyone, anywhere.  SecureiX is unique as it allows for bi-directional file sharing and collaboration and has an extensive notification and audit system.

SecureiX was developed out of the need for a better, safer way to exchange business and personal identification information beyond faxing and emailing.  Plus what makes SecureiX particularly exciting is its unique combination of features that allow businesses to communicate via the cloud more safely than ever before.

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European Parcel Delivery Company Streamlines EDI

We, here at OpenText, enjoy sharing our clients’ success stories.  We helped the second largest postal operation in Europe handle their high-volume orders in a more efficient manner by providing them with a complete EDI solution – and doing it in just six weeks!

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CIOs, Security Geeks, and HIPAA Enforcers, Oh My!

Back in December, the HIMSS and Healthcare IT News held a two-day Privacy and Security Forum in Boston that featured a great roster of speakers including many CIOs, US Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Director Leon Rodrigues, and a few Chief Information Security Officers.

The healthcare industry is going through an enormous change as a result of a mandate to comply with HIPAA and avoid PHI breaches.  Progress is underway and organizations are investigating solutions to keep patient information more secure.

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It’s Easy to Save 1 Million Pieces of Paper

Reducing your environmental impact by 1 million pieces of paper a year can be easy… just move off paper-based fax processes.  Sustainability officers in large organizations might not believe that this is true in this email and digital age. But yes, believe it or not, companies are still sending millions paper fax page a year.  Some companies can even send millions of pages a month.  At a large organization or enterprise level, with numerous locations and thousands of employees around the world, all those pages of quickly add up.

So moving away from fax machines (not to mention toner) and into the cloud is not only environmentally friendly, but cost-efficient as well.

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